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Monday, February 1, 2021


MATH - 506

Week 14 February 1-5/21

This week we are focusing on Fractions!

N5.5 Demonstrate an understanding of fractions by using concrete and pictorial representations to: 
create sets of equivalent fractions 
compare fractions with like and unlike denominators.

 Want to wake up the brain? Try out this thinker.... 🤔

  Click here ↴ or here →Which one doesn't belong?


A Numerator is the number of parts we have;
A Denominator is the total parts in whole. 

This video also explains Parts of a fraction ↴

Week 13 January 25 - 29/21

**There is no PDF available for this week**

This week we are focusing on Identify, create, and analyze single transformations of 2-D shapes (with and without the use of technology). (SS5.7) 

Single Transformations of 2-D shapes reflection

Reflection:  When a shape is reflected in a mirror we see a reflection image.  The line segment that joins a point to its image is perpendicular to the line of reflection.  A shape and its image have opposite orientations, or face opposite ways.  A reflection is sometimes called a flip because when a shape is reflected, it is flipped over.

Click on link to practice Drawing Reflections:

Practice drawing reflections on a piece of paper.  Take a picture of your drawings and send them to or text a picture to 306 914 0236

Single transformations of 2-D shapes - rotations

 When we rotate an image, we turn a shape on a point of rotation.  We can turn or rotate the image clockwise or counterclockwise.  The point of rotation will be on one of the vertices of the shape.

Think about the hands on a clock.  When the minute hand moves from the 12 to the 3, it rotates a quarter turn clockwise.

When the minute hand moves from the 12 to the 6, It rotates a half turn clockwise.

When the minute hand move from the 12 to the 9, it rotates a three-quarter turn.

Please click the link below to watch how to rotate objects.

Now that you have seen how to do rotations, on a piece of paper draw a triangle.  Label the vertices A, B and C.  Rotate the triangle a half turn clockwise, and label the vertices on the image.

Draw a square and label the vertices A, B, C and D.  Rotate the square 3/4 turn clockwise and label the image and its vertices.

Draw a shape (not a circle) of your choice. Choose a vertex to rotate your shape 1/4 turn counterclockwise.  Label your image and the vertices.  

Once you have finished, take a picture and email or text the picture to or 306-914-0236.

Week 12 January 18 - 22/21

SS 5.5 & 5.6   


Edge:  a line segment between faces.

Face:  any of the flat surfaces of an object.

Vertex:  the corner of an object

Side:  In a 2 dimensional shape, one of the line segments, or edges, in a 3 dimensional shapes, one of the faces

Symmetrical:  A shape is symmetrical when it can be folded so that one part matches the other part exactly.  The fold line is the line of symmetry. 

Look at the pictures below for further explanation.

Online Assignments:

Week 11 January 11 - 15/21

Shapes & Space: Intersecting, Perpendicular, and Parallel Lines. 

Attribute- a way to describe a shape.

Example: the lengths of the sides and parallel sides are two attributes. 

Intersect- when two sides meet, they intersect at a point called the vertex.

Vertex- the point where two sides of a shape meet. 

Parallel- two lines that are always the same distance apart and will never meet. 

This YouTube Video will explain more in depth. 

 Online Assignment:

Week 10 - January 11 - 15 / 2021

This week we are focusing on solving equations using variables (Outcome P5.2)

What is a variable?  A variable in math is our unknown.  We usually represent this unknown with a letter or a symbol.  For example, in the following equation, the variable is the letter c.
c + 2 = 5 
c - 2 = 5 - 2
c = 3

I can check my answer by substituting my answer for the variable.

3 + 2 = 5

If I get the right answer, then I know the value of the variable.

Online Assignment:

Week 9 - January 4 - 8 / 2021

Long Division

This week is focused on Long Division: strategies for dividing 3-digit whole numbers by 1-digit whole numbers.

8÷3=2 remainder 2
368÷3= 122 r2

Youtube - Math Antics Long Division                                Youtube - Long Division with Remainders


Online Assignment:

Week 7/8 - November 23 - December 4 / 2020

As I'm catching up to posting weekly, I am combining weeks in each post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Week 7

"Breaking Apart" Strategy:

This multiplication Strategy has you breaking apart factors into smaller factors. 

As you can see, the 8 is broken into two factors that still adds up to 8
You can split it any way you want. whichever is easier for you.
2 x 4 x 5
Hold the 2 while you multiply 4 x 520
Now multiply the with 20. It looks like this 2040

Watch the YouTube video
Practice with 9 x 7

Week 8

Area Model Strategy:

Week 6 November 16-20

**There is no printable copy for this week's learning package. 

This week, the focus continues with multiplication. Start with Factoring and finishing off the week with Halving and Doubling

Objective: Watch the video, then do the assignment right after. 

Day 1

1. Factoring: Reviewing Multiplication

Online Assignment:

Day 2

2. Skip Counting for Multiplication

Online Assignment:

Day 3

3. Halving and Doubling Rule


 ❇️ This strategy will only work if one or both factors are:

                1. A even number   OR

                2. Ends with a 5 or 0. 

The poster may also help you understand: 

If you halve one factor, then the other factor must double up.
  • ex. The is cutting in half to 2, then 2 is cutting in half to 1
  • At the same time, the 9 is doubling up to 18, then 18 is doubling up to 36.
Think: which is easier to solve for you?
a. 4 9
b. 2 x 18
c. 36

Online Assignment:

Week 5 November 9-13

Learning Outcome: Analyze models of, develop strategies for, and carry out multiplication of whole numbers.(N 5.2)

1) Watch the video: Array Multiplication (Array Math).

2) The definition of an Array using Multiplication.

Assignment #1👉Using Arrays to Multiply

Week 4 November 2 - 6
Learning Outcome: Describe, compare, predict, and test the likelihood of outcomes in probability situations. (SP 5.3)

1) Watch the video: Math antics - Basic Probability 

2) Here are some example pages:

 Probability 1  gives you the definition and some examples on how to understand outcomes of probability. 

Probability 2  gives you information on probability range of "chance or likelihood".

Assignment #2 👉Probability - Experiment
Assignment #3 👉Probability
Post-Test 👉Post Test


English Language Arts - 506

Week 15 (February 1-5 2021) home study:

Superhero Powers!

Read aloud 

Listen and watch the YouTube video, Ten Rules of Being A superhero! 
Written and illustrated by Deb Pilutti.

Then do the assignment below.

Online Assignment:


Oral Story Contest!

Checkout the poster and if you need help recording yourself, watch Ms. Mari's 'How to' video below 😊

You could win a PRIZE!! 

These are your expectations ↴

**Remember to send to my email at

Week 14 (January 25 - 29 2021) home study:

This week we will beginning a new unit: Hero's (Personal and Philosophical)

Unit is focused on what makes a hero and how hero's make a difference, students will explore and learn about First Nations hero's, current events and roles heroes are playing in society. 

Watch the following introductory read aloud which is a celebration of Indigenous Hero's titled "Go Show the World" written by Wab Kinew 

Complete the following assignments:

Complete weekly spelling assignment:

Week 13 (January 18-22 2021) home study:


This is the last assignment for Fatty Legs. Please listen to the YouTube video, then do the assignment below. 

The Schools
Online Assignments:

Week 12 (January 11-15 2021) home study:

 Fatty Legs

Finishing off with Fatty Legs this week, we have 2 more assignments left. 

After the Story

Please click on the video below to find out what happened after Margaret returned home and if she did indeed return to the school or not.

Online Assignment:

The Schools 
Please click on the video below to learn extra information about these residential schools.

Online Assignments:
Week 11 (January 4-8 2021) home study:

 Welcome back 506!
I hope you all had a wonderful break.

We will continue with the Fatty Legs Novel with Chapter 7 and Pronouns. Then finishing off next week with the assignments of After the story and The Schools


Listen and watch Chapter 7, then do the assignment below. 

Online Assignment:


What is a pronoun? 

A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. Pronouns are important in English. They are some of the first words we learn: I, you, he, she, it. There are different kinds of pronouns for different situations: subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive pronouns, and reflexive pronouns. Instead of Sara, we can say she. Instead of those guys, we can say them. Instead of the sun, we can say it.

Online Assignment:

WEEK 10 (December 14-18 2020) home study:

I'd just like to remind you that if you are doing the assignments, you are doing an AWESOME JOB!

 Keep it up!

                                                 Fatty Legs

Continuing with Fatty Legs, please listen to Chapter 5 & 6. Then, do the assignment below. 

Chapter 5                                                      Chapter 6  



Online Assignments:

WEEK 9 (December 7-11 2020) home study:

** There is no printable Learning package this week. Please do the online assignment below. 

Please listen to Chapter 3 & 4 from the Novel Fatty Legs, then do the assignment below.

                    Chapter 3                                                                         Chapter 4


 WEEK 8 (November 30- December 4 2020) home study:

** There is no printable learning package available this week. Please do the online assignment below. 

Please listen to chapter 1 and 2 from the novel Fatty Legs, then do the assignments below. 

                Chapter 1                                                         Chapter 2 


Online Assignment:

 WEEK 7 (November 23-27 2020) home study:

** There is no printable learning package available this week. Please do the online assignment below. 

Novel Study

This week is the beginning of the novel we will be reading. The goal is to read/listen to the story, then fill out the comprehension questions. 

Fatty Legs  is about an eight-year-old girl named Margaret Pokiak. She has set her sights on learning how to read, even though it means leaving her village in the high Arctic. Faced with increasing pressure, her father finally agrees to let her make the five day journey to attend school, but he warns Margaret of the terrors of residential school. 

Watch the video, then do the Introduction Questions below. 

Introduction to Fatty Legs written by Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margeret Pokiak-Fenton, 

Online Assignments:

Week 6 (November 16-20) home study:

**There is no printable copy of this weeks learning package. You will have to do the assignment online. 
For this week please watch the read along video The Gruffalo read by Alan Mandel. When finished please complete the following assignment.

ASSIGNMENT 👉 The Gruffalo Assignment

WEEK 5 (November 9-13 2020) home study:

Here is a copy this weeks learning package:

Click here 👉 Week 5 ELA

** To do these assignments online, go to the bottom of this post.

Consonant Blend Word List

Online Assignments:

Week 4 (November 2-6 2020) home study:

Please complete the following assignments for this week!

Assignment #1: 
CLICK HERE 👉 Decisions to Grow On
Assignment #2:
CLICK HERE 👉 To Be or Not to Be
Assignment # 3:
CLICK HERE 👉Spelling L2 D2
Assignment #4:
CLICK HERE 👉Spelling L2 D4